Miniature Xarão Punch

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Xarão punch is a hot, aromatic and penetrating liquor, with low alcohol content (20% Vol.) And a capacity of 50ml. Carefully prepared with selected ingredients, it can be served warm or, if you prefer, with ice and is delicious mixed with cola, lemon, energy drinks and friends!
The punch is today a popular drink, sourced from India and with connoisseurs around the world. English sailors brought this aromatic blend drink to Europe in the 17th century, where it is said to have gained special popularity. The drink known in India as paanch (Hindustani word meaning “five”, “punch”) referred to the number of ingredients in the original recipe: water, wine, fruit, lemon juice and spices (star anise, ginger, vanilla and cloves). The natural lemon juice or rind (grated) gives it the finishing touch.
The result of a traditional alchemy, Ponche Xarão is not just a colorful fruit drink, beautiful color and taste that delights. This recipe also carries a great history and tradition.

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