Coconut Beating

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Coconut Beat Xarão is a drink traditionally made with coconut, milk and alcohol. All the perfumes, colors, rhythms and flavors of Brazil can be found in this delicious drink that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Brazil is like a magical balm that evokes the image of enchanting beaches, exotic fruits, music, dances, colors and flavors. These are the fragrances and flavors you will discover in Coconut Beat Xarão. A drink made according to a traditional recipe, with a pleasant coconut taste, low alcohol content (16% Vol.) And a capacity of 70cl; It is almost absurdly impossible not to like this Coconut Beat. This nectar is perfect for giving that tropical touch to a cocktail that needs the taste of coconut, such as the famous Piña Colada. Want to make a glued pinan? Add 1 dl of White Rum with 1 dl of Xarão Coconut Beat and 2 dl of fresh pineapple juice. Add the crushed ice and beat all ingredients for a while. Serve in a large glass with matching decoration, then just enjoy!

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