Miniature Xarão Liquor

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Herbal Liqueur Xarão is an elixir of complex and balanced aroma, where predominates a symphony of aromatic herbs flavors with caramel notes; With a low alcohol content (20% Vol.) And a capacity of 50ml, this digestive can be tasted simple or with ice; Great in cocktails.
Knowledge of the beneficial effect of herbs is almost as old as the human race itself.
Herbal liqueurs have been among the most popular digestives for centuries. Many believed that there was an herb for the cure of every disease and it was soon found that sour herbs were good for digestion and promotion of good health. Many of these liquors originated in monastery kitchens. In the present case of Xarão Herbal Liqueur, we cannot say that has been made by monks or saints, we can only highlight the careful dedication and highest quality standards that our collaborators seek to respect in the alchemy of these potions. Liqueur Xarão. Made in Portugal!

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