Bitter Almond Liqueur

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Xara Bitter Almond Liqueur has a sun-yellow color, with a predominant almond aroma and can be consumed as an aperitif, digestive or cocktail, provided it is fresh, with ice and accompanied by lemon juice or cut into a cube, to cut the sweetness a bit. As an alternative to a Port or a Muscat, the bitter almond Xarão, with a low alcohol content (16% Vol.) And a capacity of 70cl, is one of the best supporters for a meal.
Bitter Almond liqueur results from an almond that, because of its bitterness, was much less consumed than sweet almond. It was in the Algarve region that the way to make use of that waste was discovered and thus was born the precious nectar that mixed with a very fresh tourism made our Bitter Almond to gain fame across borders.
Awarded to the preference and choice of the Portuguese, the Amarão Amarga Xarão is proof that what is sweet never bitter.

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